How to Best Prepare for Black Friday Deals

On Friday, November 27, 2020 will be held the annual Black Friday, awaited worldwide for its unmissable and unmissable promotions. Once again this year, consumers and brands will meet for a day (and a weekend) rich in bargains.

While waiting for this special day, here are a few tips to make sure you don’t miss out on the best deals.

Online Black Friday: The Better Solution

Every year, Black Friday causes crowds of people to flock to the participating stores and brands. It is certain that such an event attracts a lot of people and many are ready to go out for the incredible offers offered in stores. This trend, which originated in the United States in physical stores, has evolved considerably.

Today, we have the opportunity to shop online and take advantage of the exceptional Black Friday promotions at home.

From your computer, your tablet or your smartphone, you will be able to enjoy the best offers without queuing at the cash registers of your favorite stores. Online, you will find hundreds (rather thousands) of exclusive offers. Sometimes you can preview them or view selections of products that you’ve been saving up for Black Friday.

If you want to take advantage of real bargains, one of the must-see events is Zalando’s Black Friday. Zalando provides fast and efficient delivery and excellent after-sales service. Not to mention that with the filter tools, you will be able to browse through items that meet your own criteria such as clothing sizes and colors, for example.

Make a list of your needs

While Black Friday promotions are interesting, they can also be confusing. To avoid wasting time and missing out on great deals, start by making a list of what you need.

Waiting for that day to replace equipment? To prepare your Christmas shopping? You can also rejuvenate and fill your wardrobe with Black Friday.

No matter: avoid getting lost and list the sites where you would like to order certain items. This will help you prepare a list of specific items to look at on Black Friday and spot the real bargains.

Once your list is ready, all you have to do is wait until midnight on the day to start shopping. For those in a hurry, meet at midnight, but you can wait until the morning to place your order!

Beware of false bargains

Some sites and stores mislead customers who think they are doing good business. It is important not to rush to the checkout and to be interested in the terms and conditions of sale. Indeed, some discounts only apply to a minimum purchase amount. You will also have to take into account the shipping costs.

Lastly, be aware of the many different marketplaces, which are occupied by third party vendors based mostly in China. One last piece of advice: create your customer account on the sites you are targeting to save time on November 27th.

Do I really need it?

What is the purpose of what I am about to buy? Do I really need a juice extractor when, in my experience, I balloon after two sips? Is a technical sleeping bag going to help me when I’m afraid of animals and I’m not going to be put to sleep in a tent anytime soon? And this thirteenth pair of fluorescent sneakers? This first filter could be efficient, but the uselessness of an object is not always enough to get it out of your head. On the scale of desire, an unattractive designer accessory will often climb higher than an indispensable roll of toilet paper, and yet…

Will I still think about it in an hour?

Online marketers lead us to believe that we only have a few minutes to decide. If we hang around, this must-have shower mat with toe brushes could be sold out (it’s a sure thing!). It’s not true: the interest of the shopkeepers (especially the big online retailers) is to have enough stock to satisfy the buyers. An irresistible discount? We move on, we go for a tea, we call a friend. If in an hour the desire is still as pressing, we reconcentrate.

 The quality?

Rather easy to evaluate “in real life”, more complicated online. But in either case, we consult the composition, the place of manufacture, the guarantees and the comments of other buyers. One should not spend money on something lame or ethically questionable. “I’m not rich enough to buy cheap”. The old adage is still true: buying cheap means having to replace the thing concerned on a regular basis.

What is the real price?

Changing a label or an initial price online is within anyone’s reach. It’s illegal, but it’s still practiced. Why is it illegal? To make us believe that we get a hot discount when in real life, not so much. A search engine trick to compare the price of what we want should be enough to fix us.

 Will I be able to resell it?

The multiplication and success of marketplace and second hand websites for individuals should push us to always think about the future life of a garment or an object. Throwing it away is totally outdated (not to say criminal). Will I be able to resell this pair of synthetic catskin boots once I wear them? That’s the last good question to ask.

This incredible piece you’ve been coveting has just passed the 5 steps with success. Congratulations! You are going to enjoy it. But are you well equipped for shopping?