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Free Christmas Goodies: Where to Find Free Xmas Stuff

Receiving free samples and products at any time of the year is great but it is more exciting when these are free Christmas Goodies. At the time of the year when your wallet is lighter than normal, it is good to find some free holiday freebies as it can help you make your time a little brighter. 

Christmas time is approaching and you must have shelled out money for decorations, gifts, and Christmas food, you are probably ready to stop spending your money. You will be surprised as well as happy to know that you can save your money this Christmas while getting the wonderful Free Christmas goodies and freebies.

When it comes to receiving free items on holidays, about anything goes. Businesses and brands highly promote their new goods and services during the biggest spending time of the year. On the Christmas occasion, you can find a lot number of free stuff from many companies. Several free samples and products may contain subtle advertising for the developers or teams that created it, a small “price” to pay for your free items.

I will assist you to find the best places where you can find your desired Christmas freebies. Given below are the websites to get the free Christmas stuff including free Christmas cards, a free letter from Santa, free puzzles, free Christmas decorations, a Christmas tree, and many other gifts.


Swagbucks is the best website to earn cashback rewards. Sign up for Swagbucks and Mypoints for taking surveys, reading emails, shopping online, and web searches. Once you earn points, then cash in your points for Christmas gift cards or other Christmas stuff that you can offer as gifts to your friends and family or you can also use your points to do your Christmas shopping. offers a wide range of Christmas Freebies. As the Christmas season is on, you can check the website for Christmas goodies and enjoy your holiday with free stuff. At, you will find the top collection of Christmas free stuff including samples, gifts, Christmas cards, gifts for children, Christmas gifts, and Christmas software as well. The website also provides you with such rewards as free services that will ensure your child’s letter reached Santa as well as free Christmas fonts, clipart, catalogs, games, crafts, and contests.

There is another website offering free Christmas stuff including samples and competitions. As the Christmas countdown is ticking, is offering a wide range of free Christmas stuff. You need to keep a close eye on the website to check the available list of Free Christmas stuff. The website keeps on adding some of the best and new Christmas goodies, competitions, and free samples from time to time. You can find free Christmas decorations, Christmas cards, Christmas stockings, Christmas trees, Christmas lights, Songs, free carols, advent calendars, and many more. 


Facebook is a well-known platform and a popular way to find and sell used toys online. The groups selling toys are listed based on city or town locations. You can search for slightly used or even new toys for your kids. You can also place a post in a specific group if you are searching for toys. Families are regularly cleaning their playroom and want to donate or sell new or gently used toys, often in the months before holidays.

This website offers everything that you or your family require on Christmas occasion for free. You can get top-quality Christmas gifts and samples for free and with no conditions associated with it. Explore the website and look for the best quality free Christmas items from companies without any condition or force to fill up the feedback forms.

Wow FreeStuff

WOW FREE STUFF is a website that requires a lot more appreciation. This site is a huge supply of information for finding Free samples and products from any sort of brand or business. Here you will find free Christmas goodies including decorations, cards, tags, and gifts. You just have to a free account on the website to register your email to get access to this list of awesome free giveaways. Moreover, you will also find many other wonderful Christmas freebies with the free Christmas decorations. A great thing about this website is that you will not be bored by reading long posts that tell how great it is to find free items on their website. Once you decide, which item you want to get, you can click on the images and you will be directed to the manufacturer’s page. On that page, you need to fill the form that will get your free Christmas products shipped to you. Moreover, the site is neatly categorized and you will be able to look for your desired samples easily whether it is for yourself, your child, or pet.

Freaky Freddies

You can also find a list of Christmas Freebies on Freaky Freddies. Very few people know about this website while it is just awesome. The Freaky Freddies features a wide range of Christmas freebies and samples from various categories including Christmas samples, unity, Christmas dialer, recipe lion, Santa Claus videos, Christmas cards, postcards from Santa and Christmas tags, etc. 

Final thoughts on where to get freebies

Certainly, some costs are inevitable during holiday times. However, there are lots of things that you can find and receive for free during these holidays. So, try to reduce the money you spend for Christmas preparation this year and get some of the free stuff available throughout the web. You should remember that to make your holiday special, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. You can enjoy these Free Christmas goodies and make your holidays more enjoyable.