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How to Get Free Stuff on Amazon: 3 Methods to Try

All of us like to find now and in future and then to some free stuff. Whether it is a sample of a product, a Kindle book, or even a free app, gift cards, credits from Amazon, music, videos, and audiobooks, it can be pretty rewarding to have something you don’t have to pay for. 

Well, have ever think about how to get free items, products and other things free on amazon? Not something, just anything you need or want?

Getting free stuff on Amazon is remarkably simple. But it needs some efforts.

If you take benefit from amazon free stuff, then you could save up to hundreds of dollars in a year. Plus, you can do lots of fun doing that. You can get free entertainment, save money while shopping. Sometime maybe you will reward free products you can keep for yourself.

There are many ways to get free things on Amazon, as improbable as it might be. I’ve just come up with a list of 3 standard methods.

Free Kindle eBooks and Audio

Everybody can read unlimited free kindle books, and whether you are a prime member or not there are top hundred free kindle books available at now. But to find out exactly as per your need you can also apply filters or use category.

Several limited-time deals change almost regularly for free Kindle books, so be sure to check the list frequently.

Prime members can enjoy unlimited reading along with free monthly editor’s choice with the first read. There is more than 1200 magazine for premium members.

Amazon has 15K+ free MP3 downloads for everyone and lets them download and watch for free.  There is a filter available for new release such as artists, user reviews. This makes us searching for music easier.

You can listen to your songs by Amazon Music app and create playlists.

Reddit Freebies Forum

Reddit is among the most famous aggregators of social news, discussion, and web content rating sites. And what most people do not know is that Reddit also has a section for freebies where Amazon sellers can offer free products in exchange for a review.

Even though some people can argue that this is an illegal way that sellers use to get feedback, know that only if you get to benefit in exchange for a positive opinion is it unethical. Otherwise, even though Amazon will also not mark your review with a verified purchasing tag, you will get the product and review it.

However, apart from rewards and Amazon stuff, Reddit Freebies brings together a host of other exciting deals, including free perfume samples, free magazine subscriptions, and free tickets to events, just to name a few.

Signup for Amazon Vine Program Reviews

By becoming an Amazon Vine Reviewer, another excellent way to get your hands on some free stuff is. It takes a few other hard works to get into this small circle, and it’s well reasonable it.

The thing is that only by invitation can you become a member of Amazon Vine, and Amazon less then sends an open invitation to those buyers who leave a lot of user reviews on the goods they offer. Each time you purchase or get a free Amazon product, all you have to do is leave a detailed and unbiased review.

Other buyers will vote on your review, and you will be chosen to become a Vine reviewer if you have sufficient positive votes.

Throughout this spot, in return for an honest review, Amazon will give you free chosen items from sellers. Your opinion will be labelled with the Vine logo in green, and by gaining more positive consensus on your views, you will retain your reviewer status.

Bonus Tip: Try Facebook Group

Sellers across the world know that reviews are the only way to boost their rating and then their sales on Amazon. That being said, many of those who purchase the products will never leave a comment. That’s why most sellers have joined Facebook groups specifically designed to connect sellers with reviewers.

So, whether you’re ready to write reviews for your free stuff, you can just join any of these groups.

A quick look at some of the most common groups shows that sellers give away practically all kinds of items. From clothing and beauty products to tools and devices, you can find something here.

All you have to do is look for the item you want, get in contact with the seller, and arrange your order details.

Although you may have to purchase the product in some instances and then claim your money back from the seller, individual sellers will even offer to give you a free product directly.

Do you need to buy Stuff on Amazon?

Whenever you want a new product, you don’t have to have an infinite bank balance. You learn how to get free stuff on Amazon now, so use the above tips to get your hands on nearly any item you need.

Always pay attention to following all the laws of the sites you use to stop the disappointment of just not getting your money back.