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What is Applicant Tracking Software, and Why You Need It

It was the hardest thing for companies to hire the best one for their job positions and approach to real talents in former times. HR companies waste their considerable time analyzing resumes and hiring processes.

But emerging technology gets an amazing applicant tracking system that worth your time and Company. Applicant tracking software collects all the resumes as a database and manages them all together on a platform. 

It is a well-managed software by the HR team that can manage candidate’s resumes, evaluation, and hiring processes. ATS can track every aspect of the hiring process.

Why you need Applicant Tracking software for your Company?

Offer a job post through social media advertising and magazines, analyzing thousands of resumes, selecting the best fit for your post, and then evaluating. That whole process is complex and time-taking.

But Applicant Tracking Software makes it too smooth to just tapping.

This tool collects all resumes altogether, analyses them all, and picks a more relevant and skillful candidate for you.

Any organization must optimize and automate its hiring process. It will lessen the workload of HR teams. 

Top ATS tools deploy the latest technology, such as artificial intelligence, that scans resumes for key searches. That key point is pen out by the HR teams for a certain job.

For instance, if your Company is looking for Chartered Accountant, this tool searches a resume where that specific keyword is mentioned. And other resumes would be out of luck.

How does Applicant Tracking Software work?

ATS systems analyze all the resumes for the hiring professionals. At the time of job openings, thousands of job seekers flooded even without the necessary qualifications. That causes headaches.

  • ATS tool gathers all the applications in one line and ranks them according to the candidates’ skills and experience.
  • During the whole recruitment process, it lets a user send feedback about a candidate easily.
  • It also schedules the interviews and searches for the best key match for a certain position.
  • Many HR connect it with their mobile devices for getting more ease. It shares a basic feature with the recruiting platforms in enterprises where hiring and retiring processes are regulatory. So, they use this platform along with recruit-though-retirement pathways for coping with high volume needs. 

Key features of the Applicant Tracking software

  • Job posting

An ATS offers the facility to post job openings to a wide range of job boards just by a single tap. ATS lets you get an expensive approach for hiring a professional.

  • Candidate tracking and management

The worst thing that happens during the hiring procedure is that your email box is choked with irrelevant resumes. But this amazing tool offers you a great choice to track all the resumes that are more relevant to the criteria that the recruiter specifies.

This tool collects all relevant resumes at a single spot then organizes them all together to find the best fit for your job position.

  • Containerized the workload

In this whole hiring lifecycle, it isn’t easy to manage the whole structure. ATS delivers you a recruitment unit to manage the process from job posting to evaluating A professional team.

Benefits of Applicant Tracking software 

  • End up with the best fit for the job post
  • Help your Company to build a great professional team
  • Cost-efficient than manual work
  • Time-saving and efficient process
  • Enhance the relevance of application

Wrap up

Now wrap up this article by adding that applicant tracking software offers a chill pill for accessing efficient skills.  This tool is most renewable as it organizes complex hiring processes, requires less technical resources and a smaller number of HR employees.