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Where to Get Free Stuff on Your Birthday

Are you looking for where to get free stuff on your birthday? Is Amazon giving away free stuff on birthdays? What about World Market and Zaxby’s?

These places have many ways to reward your birthday. You can also sign up for their Fragrance Family and receive free goodies on your birthday. If you’re not sure where to get free stuff on your birthday, search Google to find the best deals.

Can you really get free stuff on your birthday?

When you’re turning a year older, you can usually get a bunch of free stuff on your birthday. You can get a free gift from Sephora, Aveda, or Ulta, or a $10 reward. If you’re a beauty junkie, you can get a free gift at Ulta. All you have to do is sign up for their rewards program and you’ll get free products.

Does Amazon give away free items on birthdays?

It’s true! Amazon is known for its free birthday deals. It will email you a coupon for $10 off anything you buy in the store on your birthday. The coupons are generally valid for 30 days, but you can force the email to be sent. You’ll find tons of $10 and under items on their site. The freebies are not always available, however. If you want to take advantage of a freebie, make sure you sign up for the mailing list or download an app.

For employees of Amazon warehouses, the company celebrates Their Special Amazon Day by giving them a free birthday cake. They also serve alcoholic beverages in the break room. An Amazon spokesperson told Business Insider that each warehouse manager could choose whether to hold a Birthday Wish List Parade, where warehouse pickers march in formation to chase a birthday item. But there are strict conditions: employees can’t receive gifts that are a part of the holiday season or too expensive.

Where to get free stuff on your birthday

When you’re celebrating your birthday, don’t forget to get free stuff. Medieval Times, ACE Hardware, and other places offer birthday treats for free! You can even get surprise points from Sears/KMart. Free movie rentals from Redbox are also a good way to get free stuff on your birthday. Friendly’s BFF Club also gives you a free sundae on your birthday.

Almost all restaurants give away free stuff on your birthday. For instance, Dairy Queen offers free birthday dessert for those who sign up for their rewards program. Arby’s offers a free sandwich or shake with purchase of a soft drink. Other places give out free treats are Atlanta Bread Co. and Auntie Anne’s. You can also get a free pie or pretzel at SmashBurger. Some places also give you a free slice of cake when you sign up for a free birthday gift. And don’t forget to eat out on your birthday – you can get a free meal at Zaxby’s.